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Carl Von Linne Elementary School


Grocery Store


Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant

for 2000-2001



Shiny Pennies Garage Sale
26 Letters and 99 Cents Money Match (Kid Pix)
Kid$ Mart Lincoln In Line
Quarter from the Tooth Fairy 25 Coin Combinations
A Coin's Adventure Versa Tiles
Scoops of Money Match Me (velcro money book)
Alexander Who Used to be Rich Cash Registers
Piggies Night Out



    Carl Von Linne Elementary School has developed a plan to create an integrated, on-going project that will benefit our students in several ways. We believe that one of the best ways to bridge our gaps and move our students into the technology age, is through planning and working together. We hope to establish a chance for our students to be part of the larger community, and to help our students recognize that each of them has an important responsibility of developing life-long skills

    To address our needs, we will provide our primary grade teachers with professional development on integrating technology tools into their classrooms. Then, they will be given support to develop an integrated thematic unit that focuses on the value of money, consumerism, sorting and decision-making. Across the classrooms, the unit will be multidisciplinary, enhance our curriculum, and directly tie to the Illinois Learning Standards and the Chicago Academic Standards and Frameworks.

   Students will become entrepreneurs as they create grocery stores in their classrooms. Students will be able to engage in hands-on activities as they play various roles and assume the responsibilities of managing their classroom grocery stores.


Resources on the Web


Kids Bank

Stories and quizzes teach students about saving, spending, earning, and how banks work. Two levels of difficulty. Students can choose their favorite character for the storytelling.


Money Flash Cards

Choose "Flashcards" - Scroll down and choose "Money"

Students count combinations of dollars and coins to determine how much money is shown.


Fun Brain Cash Register

How much change should there be after making a purchase?


U.S. Mint for Kids

Lots of fun games about coins and their history, including a complete timeline. Students can even design their own coin and play online with puzzles using the new quarters.