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Carl Von Linne Elementary School ~ TLCF Grant Project: Grocery Store

Piggies Night Out


Did you ever find spare money in your socks, in a box, in a couch, in a pouch, in a pocket, in your locket?  Let's write a story about searching for money in the most unlikely places!

It's a good idea to know what is expected before you begin, so take a look at the rubric.

Let's get rolling with this project!

1.  Listen attentively to the story Pigs Will Be Pigs!  If you do not listen with your ears on straight, you will lose some of the fun stuff the piggies go through.

2.  Close your eyes and imagine the problem that the piggies are having.
What is the problem?  The piggies are hungry!  They need food! They're getting restless and loud!  Mommy Piggie and Dad Piggie are frantic. What to do? They run to the "fridge", but  it's empty!  Oh no! NO! NO! NO!  Dad comes up with an idea.  What do you think it is?  How would you solve this little piggy family problem? Tell me!  Show me!

3.  Find a friend and  retell your story.

4. Then take a piece of  construction paper,  fold it into 4 squares and illustrate your story.

5. Now underneath each picture, write what is happening.  After the teacher checks your work,  you are ready to start to work on the computer. How exciting!

6.  First, using a paint program, draw your picture.

7. Then, type in the sentences that match your picture.

8. Ask your teacher to help you edit your work.