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Carl Von Linne Elementary School ~ TLCF Grant Project: Grocery Store




Giving the Right Amount

Do you know how to show a certain amount of money using different denominations?


It's a good idea to know what's expected before you begin, so take a look at the rubric.

Let's Begin


1.   Help your teacher and classmates collect lunch trays or other recycled objects that can be cut into the shape of an ice cream cone.

2.  Take an ice cream cone pattern from your teacher.  Cut out the cone and three scoops.  Glue the cone together.

3.   When your cone is all put together ask your teacher for a sheet of play money.

4.   Write an amount of money on the cone or glue a certain amount of the play money on the cone.

5.   Now show the amount that's on the cone in three different ways on the scoops.  Glue the different amounts onto the scoops.