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Carl Von Linne Elementary School ~ TLCF Grant Project: Grocery Store

26 Letters and 99 Cents

What would you buy for 99 cents?  You will see a book about how to count money, and then make your own book to show others how to count money.

It's a good idea to see what's expected before you begin.  Take a look at the rubric.

Let's Begin!
1. Listen as your teacher reads the story 26 Letters and 99 Cents.

2. Practice counting the coins in the book yourself, checking to see if you get the same amount as the book.

3. Make your own money counting book out of construction paper and paper coins. You can get the paper coins from your teacher or from a math book.

4. Fold a piece of construction paper in half.

5. Glue the paper coins on the top of the page.

6. Write a sentence which includes the total amount shown and something you would buy for this amount.

7. When you are done, decorate your cover and color your coins (if they are copied).