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Carl Von Linne Elementary School ~ TLCF Grant Project: Grocery Store

Room 209,

Who Used to Be Rich Last Saturday 


Have you ever had a dollar and not know what to do with it? The students of Room 209 wrote math stories inspired by Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst.


It's a good idea to know what's expected before you begin, so take a look at the rubric.


Let's Begin
1.  Listen to your teacher read Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst, or read it to yourself.


2.  Think about a time when you were given a dollar. How did you spend it?


3.  Using a paint program, design a title page for your book. Be sure to include your first and last name as the author of the story. Example: Anabel, Who Used to Be Rich Last Saturday.


4.  Using a paint program, make a dedication page. Example: To my mother who always gives me a dollar when I need it.


5.  The first page of your book should tell how you earned a dollar. Use a paint program to draw a picture that goes with your writing.


6.  Your next five to seven pages should tell how you spent your dollar.


7.  Each page should contain a day of the week, where you went and how much money you spent that day. Spend a little money each day.  For example: On Friday, I went to Jewel to buy milk. I saw a toy car so I bought it. Good-bye 27 cents.


8. Remember to use a paint program to draw your pictures. They should go with your writing. If you write that you went to Jewel, your picture should show a grocery store.


9.  Your last page should tell what you will do to earn your next dollar.


10.  Have your teacher help you print out the pages and put your book together.