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Carl Von Linne Elementary School ~ TLCF Grant Project: Grocery Store

Shopping at Kid$ Mart

    Do you want to see how you can earn money?
    What will you be able to buy with your money?

Look at what will be expected of you before you begin.  The rubric will help you think ahead.
1.   Learn the rules for earning "money" in the classroom.  There will be a poster in the classroom with all the rules.  Your teacher will also give you a copy of the rules.
2.  Save the money in your classroom piggy bank.
3.  Our buddy classroom will send us a sales paper.  Go over the sales paper to see what you would like to buy.
4.  Make sure you have enough money to buy what you want.  Make a list of what you want to buy.  You may need someone to help you with this part.
5.  The day we go to Kid$ Mart, bring all your money and your sales paper to buy what you want.

6.  Make sure you buy things you really need.